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Tours of the Historical, Legends, Lore, Haunted History & the Unusual of Madison & Surrounding Mid Ohio Valley


Welcome to A Step Back In Time 

Where you will be taken on a journey not to different place, but to a different time.

Samples of some of the tours you can choose from:

Sundown in the Graveyard   

Madison, Indiana: Ever wonder what the carving on a gravestone meant or why a grave marker is shaped like it is? Why widows wore veils? Who were these people and what happened to them? What were the death and burial customs of the various ethnic groups in America? What was the real purpose of a wake? Join me in an evening tour by lantern and find out. Limited to 30 people per tour.

By Moonlight on the River   

Ohio River: Alan Eckert wrote a book "That Dark and Bloody River" and named it thus for a reason. The river was once the highway into the heartland and with its obvious benefits of progress and settlement came adventure, tragedy, crime and legends. Take an evening stroll with me along the banks of the Ohio River and you will never view it quite the same.

Haunted Historic Tavern Pubcrawl  

Taverns were an important part of early travel "public houses." This lively rivertown boasted multiple taverns of differing eras. Meander down the dark alleys of Madison between federal era homes and carriage houses, visit three historic taverns, hear about their histories and their ghost tales! Appetizer is included as part of tour at two taverns.

Due to last minute no-shows of prebooked tours, I will no longer schedule upon request without a nonrefundable deposit in the amount of half of the tour cost.


Questions?  Want to schedule a specific tour?  Please feel free to e-mail me at :

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